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Attraction (HK) Limited was founded in 2009. With experience gained through rapid growth and taking on new challenges, we are proud to have become one of the leading specialists in supplying and installing durable and environmental friendly sports & recreation facilities and innovative landscape products for communities in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.


We aimed at fully utilizing space and adding vitality to people's lifestyles. Our mission is to supply the up-to-date, attractive and value-added outdoor and indoor facilities and to promote environmentally sound practices through the conservation of natural resources. 


More than being a supplier, Attraction (HK) Limited acts as a problem solver and delivers a full scope of service from design to ongoing maintenance. We provide one-stop solution of completed design service, planning and also diversifying into project management, construction and maintenance.


Our Services


Attraction (HK) Limited specializes in providing customized solutions through expert consultation, intimate attention to design, safety concern and fabrication, efficient installations, professional project management, smooth operation and excellent maintenance support.


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Our Projects


At Attraction, we have worked with variety of government departments such as Architectural Services Departement, the Housing Society, the Leisure & Cultural Services Department, Home Affairs Department and Housing Authority.


We also offer services in the private sector to land developers, educational organizations, main contractors, estate management companies and other organization.


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Our Products


Attraction (HK) Limited specializes in providing waterslides, aqua play equipments for swimming pool and semi wet area, Unique/custom-made stainless steel slides, special themed play equipment and safety surfaces for dry/wet play area.

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